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Financial Psychology Corporation is dedicated to giving financial professionals and individuals insight into financial behavior by offering proven tools and services to help people make the best use of money in their lives.

Financial Psychology Corporation (FPC) has been providing proven education, tools and services for investment advisors and financial institutions for the past two decades.

FPC has served as an intermediary between financial professionals and their customers in providing insight into the psychology of money management. FPC and financial advisory firms share a common goal of helping individuals and their families make the best use of their money. Consulting is often an important part of our services, helping companies, institutions and broker-dealers integrate and customize client oriented tools and programs into their business.

Dr. Gurney has provided research, consulting and software solutions to Fortune 500 companies, institutions, individual financial professionals, as well as a variety of other clients. Whether it be a professional investment advisor, a financial planner, a money manager or an individual with no investment experience, Dr. Gurney and her team at FPC can and have provided the consulting and research required to solve the challenges of communicating about finances and investments. FPC provides speakers and trainers, as well as Dr. Gurney, for audiences large and small.

Kathleen Gurney founded FPC as a result of her inability to make a financial commitment to a new investment strategy without having more of a personal understanding of her unique beliefs and needs. She researched tens-of-thousands of individuals with the Moneymax® Questionnaire that she developed over a six-year period. The results of her work were published in a book with Doubleday titled Your Money personality: What It Is and How You Can Profit From It. She also created Moneymax®, a financial personality profiling system, which advisors use over the web to gain knowledge of their clients' money personalities, thereby enabling them to be more confident and efficient in consulting.

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