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I found Kathleen Gurney's book both fascinating and illuminating. It gave me a new perspective on the way in which individuals make and live with investment decisions. That perspective helped me deal with the issues faced by many wealthy investors, and to provide them with better advice. Understanding that decisions are made both in the head and 'in the gut' has proven to me to be fundamental insight. In many ways, Dr. Gurney's work actually turned out to be a pioneering effort in a field which has now grown considerably. The idea of bringing together finance and behavioral science issues has in my view proven to be a critical development that is now helping investment advisors serve individual investors better.

Jean Brunel, Editor The Journal of Private Portfolio Management Journal of Private Portfolio Management

"When I read 'Your Money Personality' I was struck by two things. The first was the very real approach of the writing. Most books on personal finance are written about money or financial products. 'Your Money Personality' is about people. As a result, the book is easy to read and I could quickly identify with my own situation and how the topic related to me personally. The second was that the book was very action oriented. Many 'personality profiles' are interesting, but useless. The profiles are clearly developed with a purpose - correcting damaging behavior."

Raj Wadehra, VP, Customer Education GE Financial Assurance GE Financial Assurance

"Kathleen Gurney's book drawing on her pioneering work in financial psychology is a must read for anyone involved in investment communications with individuals. Furthermore, the growing trend towards the individualization of all retirement assets makes reading her book even more compelling. We continue to look to her as an idea leader in the area, and have used her work to distinguish ourselves competitively."

Steve Saner - Brinson Partners Brinson Partners

Kathleen's book, Your Money Personality, was a real winner and I recommended it to many friends for its insights which are well worth their time."

Neil DeFeo, President Remington Shavers Remington Shavers

Your contribution with your book, 'Your Money Personality', has been of the utmost importance for all the financial community. You have created a very sensible new concept and your contribution in the area of analyzing the way people think and act when they invest is both very original and incredibly accurate.

Jean-Paul Morin, CFO - Publicis Europe (Europe's largest advertising agency) Publicis

We think your book is super!

McCarthy Wealth Management, LLC McCarthy Wealth Management
"We start by giving clients the Moneymax® questionnaire and review the report. We know, by looking at the individual traits, if the client wants to be involved in every decision, or if they want the decisions made for them. We also look to the Profile to see what kinds of investment options the client will be more likely to accept. In every instance where we have used Moneymax® with a client, it has been right on target."

-Teena Smith, Dain Rauscher Dain Rauscher

"In a recent seminar, I handed out the Moneymax® Questionnaires and talked a little about how important investor profiling could be. I got nine back before we left the seminar. The most important thing, of course, is the accuracy. Time after time, people with whom I am reviewing the profiles are totally agreeing with the results. It's amazing!"

-Bob Beuchler, Everen Securities Everen Securities

"Kathleen Gurney has developed tools that truly help people understand who they are financially...many of our 10,000 American Express financial advisors use her tools daily in their practices."

-Mike Enright, Director of Marketing, American Express Financial Advisors American Express Financial Advisors

"I have known Dr. Gurney and have used her work for over ten years. I have always considered her the pioneer and industry leader in the field of Investor Psychology. Her concepts are easy to grasp and apply, yet the simplicity belies the depth of knowledge about a client that a practitioner gains from her process.

Donald B. Trone, CEO Investmgt DonTrone

Moneymax® has made a huge impact on my profitability. Now, 95% of my business comes from referrals. When people feel they are truly being services, they tell their friends.

Ellen Rogin, Strategic Financial Designs Northfield, IL Strategic Financial Designs

For more than five years, an integral part of my fact-finder process has been Dr Gurney's Moneymax® investor personality profiling system. The survey tells me how an individual thinks about money. That tells me al lot about whether I'm going to have a good match and that is valuable.

Jerry Wade, Wade Financial Group, Inc. Minneapolis, MN Wade Financial Group

About a month afterI gave a "Your Money Personality" seminar, I got a call from a woman who heard me speak. She proceeded to tell me how my talk really hit home and made sense. She had a very large portfolio and had been with the same firm for quite awhile, but had been unhappy with their service of her account for some time. She felt that they patronized her and they didn't deal with both her and her spouse's individual and joint needs.I invited them to my office and offered to do a Moneymax® Profile on each of them. The woman turned out to be a Safety Player and her husband was an Entrepreneur - very different profiles with very different needs. I took the time to go over their individual profiles and then their joint comparison report and showed them how I would work with them based on their needs, both individually and jointly.They were so delighted with the difference in style and communication and Immediately transferred their $5,000,000 portfolio to me.

Betsy Ingalls, Dain Rauscher Minneapolis, MN Dain Rauscher

Moneymax® has improved my show rate from 2.1 to maybe as much as 5.4. People are so enthusiastic about getting to know who they are that they just come in to get their profile results. I've had lots of positive results and will be using Moneymax as far into the future as I can see.

Kenneth Rapp, American Express Financial AdvisorsMechanicsburg, PA American Express Financial Advisors
Your Money Personality Seminar was the hit of the Program. Here's what some attendees said about the program" 'The material is very interesting' gives a new perspective of looking at finances; the issues hit home; most informative, genuinely enjoyable; very enlightening; helpful as well as entertaining; great information; the best event of the day.

P.D. Director of Marketing Boston, MA  

The seminar "Your Money Personality", was greatly received. Many of the attendees have requested a follow-up seminar. It was the best-attended Executive Round Table Meeting in the five years we've been meeting.

N.H. , Director of Human Resources Los Angeles, CA

Our audience of over 300 executive women reacted extremely positively to your program, "Your Money Personality". While the seminar content provided an overview of the psychology of money management, the anecdotes and insights on key points touched the individuals in the audience. We received excellent evaluations after the presentation.

Leslie Smith, Associate Director, National Association for Female Executives, Inc. NAFE
Thousands of Australians have been inspired by your seminars and media appearances to take control of their money and make a financial difference in their lives.

Virginia Dowd, Women's Investment Network Australia Women's Investment Network

Thank you so much for 'sharing yourself' with our organizations today. As usual, your presentation was not only informative, but thought provoking. Many of the things you mentioned confirmed for me once again the reasons I love this business. You helped us gain insights into ourselves as financial professionals that will enable us to better meet the needs of others.

Patricia N. Hanna, CRP, CFS Program Chairman, Cincinnati IAFP Cincinnati, OH IAFP

Dr. Gurney's knowledge of financial services is great. Her work in the financial services industry is well known and respected. She is a nationally recognized and sought after speaker. She engages her audience in her presentations and makes learning fun.

Sandra A. Knisley, President SAC Consulting, Inc Denver, CO SAC Consulting



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