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Your Money Personality E-Book

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Your Money Personality: What It Is And How To Profit From It, E-Book

Before Dr. Gurney's research, the psychological and financial arenas had not joined forces in any systematic way. For the first time the personality traits that affect financial and investment success have been systematically studied and evaluated. This revolutionary research has led Dr. Gurney to pioneer a new field, Financial Psychology, using the Moneymax® Personal Profiling System, the cornerstone of Financial Psychology. The book reveals thirteen personal financial traits which impact your money management - comfort level with risk being just one of them. From the national study, nine distinct money personalities evolved and you will have a chance to learn if you are an Entrepreneur; Hunter; High Roller; Safety Player; Achiever; Perfectionist; Money Master; Producer; or Optimist.

Your contribution with your book, 'Your Money Personality', has been of the utmost importance for all the financial community. You have created a very sensible new concept and your contribution in the area of analyzing the way people think and act when they invest is both very original and incredibly accurate.

Jean-Paul Morin, CFO - Publicis Europe (Europe's largest advertising agency)

Your Money Personality examines the following for each of the nine groups:

  • How they think and act with money
  • How they invest their money and what investments they have most preferred and why
  • How content they are with their money
  • How to determine which personality traits are assets and which are liabilities

Here are some of the questions this book will address:

  • How to transform sabotaging money habits into productive money habits
  • What personality traits lead to greater wealth and money contentment?
  • What personality traits sabotage financial opportunities and success?
  • Are only the rich content with their money?
  • Which personalities are the most happy with their money and why?
  • Why does risk work for some personalities and not others?

The book provides guidelines to help readers identify their money personalities and then learn how to optimize them: case studies based on Dr. Gurney's private practice; a "Money Management and Investment Style" section for each personality; in-depth analyses of how different personalities complement or repel each other - in both personal and business relationships; and "Profiles and Mental Wealth" - interviews with successful businessmen and businesswomen.

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Love and Money: 150 Financial Tips For Couples

Love and Money: 150 Financial Tips for Couple

Love and Money: 150 Financial Tips for Couple
By: Kathleen Gurney, Ph.D. and Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP with Jessica Richman

This booklet is a must giveaway or offer to your clients. It's full of fun and practical tips for them. Written by experts in their fields, there is no better gift for your clients.

Money often becomes the great divide in a relationship. Couples argue about money more than almost any other subject. Though the combination of love and money often causes friction, it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of creating conflict with the ones we love, money can be a way to express our highest values, and to provide the most comfortable life we can for the people we care about.

This booklet is designed to help you, as a couple, improve your relationship with money. We hope you will gain some new ideas for every stage of your relationship, whether you are dating, living together or married. In addition to tips about joining your financial lives and relationship skills, we also have included a bonus section to help you cope with the special challenges of remarriage.

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Book Chapters

Your Money Personality - Book Chapters

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