Financial Psychology Corporation offers you the tools to understand the unspoken needs of your clients.


Financial Psychology Corporation's Moneymax® materials have been developed for financial professionals to fulfill the challenge of understanding how to establish better rapport, enhance trust and optimally satisfy potential and current clients. The Profile reports easily translate into the development of personalized presentations which target clients unique money management needs and desires.

The Moneymax Profiling System provides consultants and advisors with significant and critical information about their clients' individual money management styles - information about both their spoken and unspoken needs. Moneymax helps you translate and maximize your clients' financial attitudes into confident and successful financial decisions. Moneymax help solidify your relationship with your current and prospective clients.

The Moneymax Profile Questionnaire is strategically positioned, with or without other financial data questionnaires, with clients during the initial interview. It should be described as a value added service to provide clients with greater insight into their own style of dealing with money. It takes them only minutes to answer and you can incorporate the data you learn into developing the most appropriate ways to communicate how you will structure the investment process and ultimate investment strategies; i.e. asset allocation, manager selection.

Your benefits are many and varied. They include: more appropriate asset allocation, greater satisfaction with the process and decisions, confidence, peace of mind, greater trust, enhanced rapport, lower risk of client dissatisfaction and more efficient communication just to name a few. I'm sure you'll add to this list once you start using Moneymax®.

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For more than five years, an integral part of my fact-finder process has been Dr Gurney's Moneymax® investor personality profiling system. The survey tells me how an individual thinks about money. That tells me allot about whether I'm going to have a good match and that is valuable.
Jerry Wade, Wade Financial Group, Inc. Minneapolis, MN

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